Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Awards for Sunset Plaza

I was given a wonderful surprise in my email box today. The house that we did on Sunset Plaza was awarded one of the top 10 Visuals by the Los Angeles Times last Saturday and the Grand Builders award by Builders Magazine. It was a wonderful experience to work with the owner Brad Blumenthal, and the Architect David Thompson from Assembledge on this unusual and warm take on a modern home. I designed the landscape, pool and jacuzzi, landscape lighting, and the hardscape. We used the hill and pool orientation to create a room below the pool that used a board forming technique in the walls. The structural concrete face was given a wonderful twist as our concrete walls were formed from over 2000 different recycled pieces of lumber to give it many different dimensions in the exposed concrete face of the interior walls which were over 14" thick and contained more than 3 tons of steel within them. It was fun collaborating with Brad and David to create a softness out of such incredible mass. There are some pictures here from an opening that we did that featured several artists and their fans and guests. The art was curated by William Turner of the William Turner Gallery and Kate Stern of the Frostig Collection. Pieces by Michael Kalish, Brad Howe, Frank Gehry, and some fanciful Bacci Balls placed on an upper landing by Brad and myself. Below is a link to the story that appeared on the house written by Debra Prinzing and a link to the Builder Magazine Award

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