Monday, April 12, 2010

Video Landscape tips w Bryan Cranston, Robin Cranston

I thought I should post this clip reel that was shot the day of the photo shoot for Garden Design's story on the Bryan Cranston Garden. My friend and film maker Dorinda Angelucci shot this clip and had me talk on camera for the first time, which made me very nervous... But was good practice for me!
I cooked for Bryan and Robin after the shoot and it was very nice to be very able eat with them and enjoy the garden after a very long busy day. Hope that you enjoy it.... Bryan and Robin and incredibly kind and fun to work with.
The clip also has our public service announcements for the California Landscape Contractor Associations Green Expo which we put on last year. The CLCA is a great organization which helps raise the professionalism level among landscape contractors and I have been a proud member for many years. Tiffani Theissen, and Sheryl Crow also speak on our behalf as we get out the word on conservation!

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