Monday, September 19, 2011

Mark Wahlberg Is selling his house.. and featuring my landscape

I was very happy to see that Mark Wahlberg had featured pictures of the landscape and Pool, entry, and Gym in his recent campaign to sell his home. We worked on his estate for approximately 2 years creating some really interesting and fun features, back when the Entourage was real.. and the TV show was not even a gleam in Marks eye. It was a very fascinating and fun place to work, with the real Eric, Johnny Drama, and Henry..( Not Turtle) Rasta, and all of his agents friends and ... Girlfriends showing up. My crew even played his crew in basketball in some big games on Saturdays on the basketball court that Mark had painted to feature his beloved boston Celtics logo.It was quite a competition, but considering that my crew is made up of workers that average 5'4" and that Johnny Drama is about 6' 4" , we did not have much of a height advantage but we held our own.
The landscaping scope started out simply. with us building him a jacuzzi on the side yard. Pretty soon Mark and I came up with big plans and wanted to make this property his dream home. The next thing we did was design and build a wonderful grotto pool that we sculpted out of rock castings. The grotto itself has rock fissures that allow light, and steam mist into the grotto jacuzzi area. The waterfall comes from a stream that flows down hill through a green roof, or landscaped top that hides the massive nature of the structure quite well. The grotto roof was poured in one day and has more than 1,000,000 pounds of concrete and 10 tons of steel that we tied by hand. The caisson were raised up by a scaffold and hand winch , that I designed for the site. It was something akin to raising a roman column up 22' in the air on a hillside. The most unusual feature is the water slide which I designed to travel 50' down hill through a tunnel of rock and down into the pool with a huge splash. It has three speeds, and the first time we turned it on, Mark made Henry go down it first to make sure that it was safe on the highest speed ! The pool also has our trademark sandy beach entry with a rock reef.
The pathways and walls feature the use of broken concrete which make this project very Green, We recycled over 20 trucks of broken concrete which would have been hauled away to the dump. The last part of the project was the driveway, solid Iron gates, and motor court construction. It was a very difficult and exciting project but I am so glad to have had the chance to do the job and to have watched Mark start his producing empire, fall in love and start his family. Here is a link to the article about the house. We still maintain the property.. and I hope to stay on once it is sold to.. the next entourage ....,0,5377800.photogallery

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