Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello There! I have been so busy doing many homes and keeping the Hotel Bel Air ready for every sultan and wedding that comes through town that I haven't had time to blog.  I have missed all of you out here in cyber space. So I thought that I would look back, and show you guys this pond that I built 23 years ago before my daughter, Camille was born.   It was built before the earthquake and as is my natural tendency as a native Californian, I built it with lots of steel to reinforce it for an earthquake. It survived the Northridge Quake very well, when the chimney of the house did not. 
     It was so happy a space for the fish that the koi grew very large quickly.  So the clients at that time Mel and Paulette Blumenthal wanted to add space to what was a smaller pond, which originally went to the space where the Bonsai is in this picture. So we excavated and created the stone islands that you walk across to get to the backyard garden, a new 6' space for the pond extension and a second waterfall. The fish grew even larger and multiplied. This photo was taken this year and the fish are still happy and healthy, thanks to the pond service of Tony Sullivan and Coral Reef. It is lovely space and one that helped me start to create my love of water features.
 All the best... Jon

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  1. i love to have a mini pond at home, specially my kids loves fishes..the style of it is pretty awesome..i love it..

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