Monday, June 3, 2013

Architectural Digest June 2013 Celebrity Homes Issue Sheryl Crows Home and Pool

  Working with Sheryl Crow on her Hollywood home is, and was one of the highlights of my career. Mostly because she was such a decent, hardworking, considerate and kind human being who just happens to be exceptionally gifted in so many ways, and beautiful inside and out.
   My friend and Architect Jim Fry arrived at a meeting last week and said did you know that you were in AD this month? And... I did not, and was so pleasantly surprised to see this shot again.  I am eternally grateful for the credit given my the editors. I am so grateful that Sheryl's incredible assistant, Nanette Daquilla saw to it that the writers knew of my contribution, because quite often in these kind of stories, a  particular vase or chair gets mentioned and the landscape design and construction do not.  So Sheryl, Nannette and Architectural Digest thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for including me and for featuring my work. It makes my mom very happy....
Sheryl Crows house is an amazing place, full of original period architecture, eclectic art, furniture and her style.. which is beautiful without pretense. I designed and built the pool, and two garages which hold up a green roof landscape and the pool. As well as a new patio and fireplace which ties the main house to the outdoor living room. The deck that Sheryl is standing on in this picture is made of IPE and we have been maintaining it for 12 years. The IPE distributors that we purchased from are very well managed from green perspective because they plant 8 trees for every one cut.So I am proud of the condition of it in this picture because after a couple of years most decks do not look presentable. There are other pictures on my blog of her house, but I will post some of the process of construction of the pool and some of the huge crane work that we did during the project. Her homes( 3) of them are for sale as one compound with 11 acres in Hollywood. I hope that whomever buys it preserves and maintains the two craftsmen homes and the Spanish home which is shown here in the photos. It is a rare example of an indigenous landscape from the turn of the century.. 1900's that is. 

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