Friday, February 18, 2011

Sheryl Crow Project pictures

Here are some more pictures of Sheryl crow's Pool and landscape. the pool is a zero edge, something that we specialize in building. The water falls on all sides at once silently and creates a very relaxing zen feeling. It is also a perfect mirror to the surrounding landscape.
Most of the plants in her garden and natives to her property, and not just Native plants that we ran out and bought! The were actually divided from some species that have been growing on her well preserved hill for 100 years. We brought in others which will thrive in the hot dry hill and compliment the existing landscape. My goal in creating her pool was to make a gathering place, and a focal point for her homes.... Some where in time, where LA stops, and her life begins.
And of course I installed a stereo system with 4 stereo fields that are in perfect phase around the pool area. Floating in the pool is the audio sweet spot, and as a life long musician myself, I am very proud to say that Sheryl Likes the way it sounds! The day it was finished it was a thrill to play her the duet with Tony Bennett that she sang with him as a test. She had recorded it and had not heard it back on a normal stereo system since the sessions. If you have not heard it, check it out! It will broaden your opinion of what you think Sheryl Crow can do. She is also one heck of a Jazz singer.

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